Zimbabwe and Zambia Food Crisis – our emergency response

For several months, we have been monitoring a situation of drought and food shortage in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Climate change in that region means temperatures are rising, water has become increasingly scarce, and harvests have failed.

The situation has escalated and we are now responding to this food crisis with emergency aid.  Our local aid experts are supporting the worst-affected communities.

We have so far committed over £160,000 to the emergency response.

This currently includes delivering emergency food aid to the people in greatest need, through our Church network, and creating access to safe, clean water through new pipelines, boreholes and water points.

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Changemakers in Lima

Paolo, 19

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Paolo lives in Lima, the second driest capital city in the world.

Climate change is hitting the city hard, with predictions that Lima could run out of drinking water in less than 20 years. CAFOD is supporting local experts to work with Paolo and other young people to raise awareness about these issues.

High in the steep hillside at the edge of the city, Paolo and other volunteers are building vital staircases, enabling their neighbours to reach their homes in safety, and escape quickly in the event of a landslide, earthquake or fire.

Paolo is changing the future of his community.

Find out more about Paolo and the other changemakers of Lima, at cafod.org,uk/getinvolved and more about CAFOD’s work in Peru.

Memorial Mass at St Mary’s

Memorial Mass display

Our world can sometimes seem a very unjust place, where people with the loudest
voices get the most attention. But Jesus describes a world turned on its head. A world where suffering people, the meek and those who act with justice, mercy and courage are blessed.

St Mary of the Angels RC Church, Canton

Canon Peter Collins,who recently moved from St David’s Cathedral, to the beautiful parish of St Mary’s, Canon, kindly celebrated a beautiful Mass of Remembrance and Thanksgiving on Saturday 20 November.

Many thanks too, to Deacon Maurice Scanlon for his inspiring homily.

CAFOD’s Book of Remembrance containing all the names of supporters and volunteers who have died this year was placed next to the Archdiocese’s own Book of Remembrance which was on display for the month of November.

One of corporal works of mercy is to pray for the dead and CAFOD’s annual Memorial Mass remembers the many wonderful CAFOD supporters and volunteers from across the Archdiocese and around the country who have died.

Books of Remembrance – CAFOD and St Mary’s parish

Also remembered were all those who have a CAFOD candlelight fund in memory of a loved one and all those who have donated to CAFOD through their will.

If your parish would like to host the 2020 Memorial Mass for the Archdiocese, please get in touch with us: southwales@cafod.org.uk or call the volunteer centre in Cardiff on 02920 444 882 or Therese on 07823 445112.

Apologies for the late posting of this article.

WHAT ARE WORLD GIFTS? Alternative charity gifts that can transform lives from as little as £4.

World Gifts are provided by CAFOD, the Catholic aid agency, and are alternative charity gifts that transform lives.

Perfect for not only for Christmas but also for baptisms, birthdays and anniversaries, you can choose a unique, virtual gift that will make a real difference to a family living in poverty.

We work with partners in some of the poorest communities in the world, listening to their needs and helping them to find their own solutions. We work with all people regardless of race, gender, religion or nationality.

Each World Gift is a real example of CAFOD’s work. When you choose a gift, you support the area of our work that this gift represents.

So, for example, when you buy chickens, you support our work with poor farmers in rural areas of developing countries by contributing to our Livestock, Agriculture and Livelihoods fund.

This gives us the flexibility to respond in the best way possible to the individual needs of the different communities we work with all over the world. Continue reading

Messages to the Brave – Card signing event

messages to the brave.jpg

On Tuesday 3rd December, we at the CAFOD South Wales office will be holding a card signing event as part of the Messages to the Brave campaign.

Please feel free to come to the office (North Chambers, Castle Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1BX – through the wooden folding doors and up the stairs) anytime between 11am-3pm to write your own card to one of our environmental heroes.

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Event: ‘Tread softly’

Live SImplyOn Sunday 10 November, South Cardiff Interfaith Network is hosting a day of events to promote a common concern for the environment.

This multi-cultural and multi-religious event is set to use dance, music and drama to create conversations about the environment – and hopes to inspire people to speak out and take action.

With a shared passion for the environment and a care for ‘Our Common Home’, the groups are planning on sharing something of who they are, rejoicing in what they have in common, and committing to shared action to protect the environment for generations to come.

In the creative space, people will have the opportunity to learn more about the local environment and what the groups are doing to tackle the issue.

Hosted at Wales Millennium Centre in Glanfa, WMC’s largest public performance space, the event will take place 2-4pm and entry is free.

It is one of the many events taking place across the country to make interfaith week. More information can be found on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/s.cardiff.interfaith.network/

Souper Soup Lunch in Tenby

The Ladies Guild: sterling soup makers!

On Sunday 13 October, the Ladies Guild at Holyrood & St Teilo parish in Tenby presented a wonderful array of tasty soups to tempt parishioners as they came into the hall to support CAFOD’s Harvest appeal.

Seven fantastic soup choices included minestrone, tomato, lentil and chorizo, spicy butternut squash, leek and potato, red pepper and butternut squash and pumpkin and potato,

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@Cafod_Cymru Takes Instagram

What’s going on?

Here in Wales, our supporters have been doing some incredible work to demonstrate God’s love in action. Local communities have come together to hold Creation Celebration masses, supporting ‘Our Common Home’ campaign, and hundreds of us have taken to the streets raising our voices against climate change.

So, @CAFOD_Cymru is going to be relaunched on Instagram on the 1 November to recognise the dedication, faith and support CAFOD has received in Wales.

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Hearing the Amazon at the Amazon Synod

Amazon synod

As the Amazon synod draws to a close, CAFOD volunteer Katie Alstead looks at the importance of the synod and at what’s been happening around the world. 

Why is it important we protect the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon rainforest is an intricately woven web life. The leaves of over 750 types of trees cushion its floor, 427 mammal species roam the forest, and more than 1,300 different types of bird cries can be heard under its luscious canopies.

What’s more, there are more than 30 million people living in the rainforest today and an estimated 50 native tribes. They rely on it for food, shelter, livelihoods; their very existence as they know it. But deforestation and deliberate forest fires pose an urgent and devastating threat.

Find out how you can get involved in campaigning for climate justice 

Without action, both the Amazon biome and the indigenous peoples’ way of life will disappear irreversibly.

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Retired South Wales Teacher Receives Blessing From Pope for 25 Years of Volunteering

sandra davies

On Sunday 6th October, Sandra Davies was awarded a Papal Blessing in recognition of her dedicated volunteering and commitment to CAFOD.

Sandra Davies presented with an unexpected Papal Blessing

A former Port Talbot teacher, Sandra Davies, has been presented with an award from Pope Francis for her 25 years of volunteering and helping to educate others on development issues. To the surprise and delight of the congregation, Fr Neil Evans presented the award on behalf of Pope Francis at the end of Sunday Mass on Sunday 6th October at St Joseph’s Church in Neath.

The church was beautifully decorated for Harvest and over 70 parishioners, keen to support Sandra and all she has done, attended Mass, which was beautifully led by pupils from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Neath. There was joyous singing, thanksgiving hymns, contributions for the local food bank and a superb celebration cake made by a fellow parishioner, Desiree Nicholas.

Sandra davies 3 (1)

Thanking Sandra’s meaningful and life-saving work

After Mass, Sandra shared her experience of volunteering with us and thanked everyone who attended. She was described by our South Wales representative, Therese Warwick, as “a very modest and self-effacing person with a heart of gold who has quietly got on with supporting Fr Neil Evans”. We are incredibly grateful for her unwavering support over the years.

“Sandra has a long history of working to educate children and young people about issues that affect global communities – and has helped people in the local community to better understand the issues that are facing some of the poorest communities around the world.”

From everyone at CAFOD, we want to say a massive congratulations to Sandra for her Papal Blessing- it is truly well-deserved.

We wouldn’t be able to continue our work around the world without admirable volunteers like Sandra. She has done everything from speaking at school to fundraising, taking part in charity events and campaigning, and it was wonderful to see everyone support her on this special day.

Sandra davies 2

How can you get involved?

We have over 5,000 volunteers across England and Wales who help to educate, campaign and raise their voice on issues affecting some of the poorest communities in the world. Whether you have been with us for years or you’re just starting your journey, get involved by visiting cafod.org.uk/volunteering or email southwales@cafod.org.uk.