Supporter day – Swansea

Supporters at the Menevia Supporters day

Supporters at the Menevia Supporters day

CAFOD supporters from across the diocese of Menevia met up on 2nd February to talk about Lent 2013, as well as hear from our overseas speaker Sr Pauline Kimeu.

The meeting started off with a letter from Bishop Tom regarding the financial situation of the diocese of Menevia.  As a result the restructure of second collections had taken place which meant that there would be no second collections for CAFOD during Lent.

Read here to learn more and CAFOD’s response.

Supporters were clearly upset by the situation, but with the challenges that this presented the meeting was looking at positive ways in which we could engage with the Catholic community throughout Lent through our campaign and prayer resources.

We also welcomed a talk from Sr Pauline Kimeu, from Archdiocese of Mombasa, Sr Pauline Kimeu, from Archdiocese of Mombasa, KenyaKenya a CAFOD partner working on HIV and AIDS programme.  Sr Pauline gave an overview of the project explaining that the aim of the project is to increase the social inclusion of people living with HIV and AIDS and to enable them to access community, health, employment and education services, with mentoring support from Faith Leaders.

We were inspired by Sr Pauline’s talk.  She gave a gentle account of what life was like in her diocese, as well as explaining the ongoing problem with stigma around HIV and AIDS that still exists.  I learnt so much form her, and I was especially shocked when she explained that due to antiretroviral drugs that she didn’t see so many people developing AIDS these days.  Rather you are more likely to see cases of tuberculosis, cancer and deaths from simple waterborne diseases.

said Kieran O’Brien, manager for CAFOD South Wales.  The day was enjoyed by all , and everyone was happy to continue with these annual meetings to be held around Lent and Harvest each year.

Supporters sharing in an Emmaus meal

Supporters sharing in an Emmaus meal

1 thought on “Supporter day – Swansea

  1. Thank you Kieran and your team for the great work you are doing. It is over 10 months now and the memories of this meeting are fresh in my mind. My prayers for you all, especially this festive season. Merry Christmas and blessed 2014. Pass my regards to ALL.. Sr. Pauline

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