St Patricks pull up their socks for CAFOD

socks photo

This year, CAFOD teamed up with SockShop to launch a children’s competition. The task was to design a sock that reflected Fair Trade values. Children aged 7-11 drew designs using up to 3 different colours.

170 KS2 students from St Patrick’s RC Primary School in Grangetown took part in the competition designing socks as a homework project and sending them to CAFOD in London.

Mrs Caroline Williams said, “As we are a Fairtrade school, who are constantly involved in raising the children’s awareness of Fairtrade, as well as a school which has supported CAFOD for several years, we felt this competition was a great way of marrying the two organisations within one project.”

Kayla aged 7 said, “I like learning about Fairtrade and helping to raise money for CAFOD. The socks were a good way of doing both” and Isabella, 7, said, “We are helping people who have no money to help themselves.”

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