Meet Francesca on her visit to Cardiff

Who am I?

My name is Francesca Henbest, and I’m CAFOD’s events fundraising assistant. I work on building and supporting CAFODs teams in runs, walks, and many other events throughout the country and it’s my job promote the amazing achievements of our supporters who work so hard to fundraise for our work.Francesca

It’s easy when you’re working in London that the world revolves around the UK’s capital. When I started to assume that the whole country was on a tube line, and surely the night sky everywhere is a strange orange hue, I realised it was definitely time for me to get up and go! So I have left London this week to visit a CAFOD office in another city to see how we carry out our work in the local community there.

Exciting events near you

This week, I’ll be living and working here in Cardiff to not only get experience of a different office but to start planning with Kieran and Bernie an exciting new event arriving near you this summer!

There is much work to be done on our event, but so far we know it will :

• Fundraise: Our event will raise money for our work overseas, helping men and women who are living in poverty.

• Raise awareness: Our event will spread the message of who CAFOD is and what we do.

• Involve schools and teachers: We want to educate pupils in about how they can help their brothers and sisters overseas.

• Be coming to you this summer! Our event will be fun, active, engaging and outdoors!

Therefore this is a first warning to watch this space- we want YOU to get involved! If you want to hear more about getting involved in CAFOD events or have your own ideas to contribute to a new summer fundraiser we would love for you to get in touch with us at

You’ll be hearing more soon! Now I’m off to my drawing board to get planning….

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About Kieran O'Brien

As CAFOD Diocesan Manager for South Wales I cover the two dioceses of Cardiff and Menevia. I promote and support fundraising, education, campaigning and other CAFOD related initiatives in the area, encouraging as many people as possible to support our work around the world.

3 thoughts on “Meet Francesca on her visit to Cardiff

  1. Wonderful!  I have forwarded your great news to peoiple who can help more than I do , as I am a wheelchair user living  remotely.    May God be with you  in all your  work here in Wales.   Now, Ilet you go to your drawing plan   Best wishes   Constanza Procter

  2. Reblogged this on Tanzi and commented:
    Hi Francesca, you are obviously doing a great job – I will try to help you in a small way because I can’t participate in events that require mobility or travel due to my disability – which affects the entire left side of my body. However, perhaps you can let me know how I can be of assistance. Iwork as a volunteer for ‘the Lodge’ Leonard Cheshire , Near Caerleon.

  3. Great job, Francesca. iwish Icould find a way to assist you. Do let me know if you can think of a way that doesn’t involve travelling. I am also commited to raise money for a local disabled Carriage Driving Group and for ‘The Lodge’, Leonard Cheshire Home, Llanhennock, Caerleon. Every good wish to you on your hard work.

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