St Joseph’s Primary, Tredegar Dig Deep for Lent

c_St_Josephs_Tredegar_Dig_DeepSt Joseph’s Primary in Tredegar Digs Deep for CAFOD this Lent.

St Joseph’s RC primary school in Tredegar have been digging deep during Lent by raising money to help families in Sierra Leone.

CAFOD manager Kieran O’Brien visited the school to talk to the pupils about some of the families which CAFOD is helping. Morlai who is 8 and lives with his mum and dad, his 4 sisters & brothers and 6 other members of his extended family in a village in Sierra Leone. The only land around their village is swampland. People used to mine diamonds in these swamps but it’s very difficult to make enough money by mining for diamonds as you may only find one – if you’re lucky– in a number of weeks so Morlai’s Dad (Abdul) has been trained by our partners to grow rice in the swampland.

Abdul can now grow enough rice to feed his family. When Morlai was younger he often did not have enough to eat but now that Morlai’s dad has been taught how to grow rice in the swampland, the family has enough food to feed everyone in their household. When the family have extra rice they sell it and this money helps to pay for Morlai to go to school.

“St Joseph’s is a small school with a big heart. I was impressed by their knowledge and enthusiasm for our work. In my talk I impressed how important that we dig deep within ourselves this Lent so that we share our talents and what we treasure with others”.

If you think you could visit schools with CAFOD and give a short presentation like above then please read here to find out more.

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