CAFOD stand in solidarity with Syria

SONY DSCTo mark three years since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, CAFOD supporters joined a candle-lit vigil held at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff to shine a light of hope to the people of Syria.

Supporters from Christ the King, St Paul’s and St Brigid’s Churches in Cardiff bought a peace candle to the event, which has been touring around the three churches to promote World Peace Day. Inspired by Pope Francis’ theme of “Living as one family is the foundation and the pathway to peace”, the peace candle offers the opportunity for parishioners to take home and pray for peace with family and friends.

As part of the #WithSyria campaign, CAFOD joined with supporters from Christian Aid, Save the Children and Oxfam at the Temple of Peace to call on political leaders to push for a peaceful end to the war in Syria.

Kieran O’Brien, CAFOD’s Diocesan Manager, said: “When protests against the Syrian government began on 15 March 2011, few would have predicted that three years later the country would be engulfed in the worst humanitarian catastrophe of the 21st Century.”

“Today it is ordinary Syrians who are paying the heaviest price. Millions of people are facing severe shortages of food and medical supplies, and a whole generation of children is missing out on school. For their sake, it’s vital that the war ends as soon as possible.”

CAFOD’s Syria Crisis appeal is still running and already CAFOD supporters in the Cardiff diocese have raised over £35,000 to assist people whose lives have been torn apart by the war in Syria. In total £2.5million has been raised for CAFOD’s appeal across England and Wales.

After three years of conflict, the crisis can seem overwhelming, but the donations and prayers of Catholics in England and Wales are a source of genuine hope for our brothers and sisters in need.

CAFOD’s local Church partners have reached thousands of families in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, providing food packs, emergency shelter, healthcare, blankets, warm clothes and emergency supplies.

You can watch our video here.

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