St Joseph’s primary get inspired to dig deep for CAFOD

St Josephs

St Joseph’s students looking colourful on their “Odd Clothes” day

Students at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Neath, were inspired to hold a Lenten lunch and an “Odd Clothes” day which raised a total of £195 for CAFOD!

The year 6 pupils chose to support CAFOD this Lent and around 30 of them worked together to put on a lunch at their school. All the food for the lunch was donated and everything leftover was donated to the local food bank. The event was organised entirely by the students which raised over £80!

Before the lunch began the pupils said grace and gave a presentation about Samai and his family in Sierra Leone and the work that CAFOD partners have been doing to support him and his community. Samai

Mrs Adams told us that the students did fantastically well and received great comments about their behaviour, their conduct and their welcoming attitude.

The lunch was a huge success and we would like to say a massive thank you to the year 6 class who organised the fundraiser. Also a big thank you to all students who participated in the school’s “Odd Clothes” day, where they had to come up with the wackiest outfit and raised a huge £105!

To view more Lent resources including our Lent reflection please see the Lent 2014 area of our website.

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