Welsh teens meet Jenny Willott MP on trip to parliament

MP visit

Jenny Willott, Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central, met sixth form students from St David’s College when they visited the Houses of Parliament as part of an event organised by CAFOD to encourage young people to engage with politics, campaigning and to develop their leadership skills.

Four pupils from Wales, two from St David’s College and two from Archbishop McGrath, visited the Houses of Parliament as part of a two day trip to London. The students from St. David’s College, Cardiff, met Jenny Willott, their constituency MP, to discuss their questions and concerns regarding the global food system and climate change. The two students from Archbishop McGrath High School met Huw Irranca-Davies MP and Rhys, a student from Bridgend, said: “The Young People in Parliament event was fantastic and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it.

Jenny Willott MP said on her website:

“The 2015 election will be the first opportunity for lots of these young people to vote. I am delighted that they are engaging so actively with the political process; often the voice of younger members of the electorate get drowned out, so it is very important that MPs like me hear what really matters to these young people so we can represent them effectively.”

Kieran O’Brien, manager of CAFOD South Wales, said: “young people are not just the future. Their voice matters now and they can lead, influence and make a difference today.”

We will be putting this to the test on the 27th June when sixth formers from across Wales will be coming to Bridgend for CAFOD’s Great Generation Sixth Form Conference hosted by Archbishop McGrath High School. The conference will be a chance for young people who are passionate about ending global poverty to learn how they can unlock their leadership skills and inspire others to take action.

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