All in one Rhythm – CAFOD’s World Cup Song!



Do you have a cup and a passion for justice? Then join in with our World Cup musical fundraising event! Get ‘All in one rhythm’ for the World Cup this summer and act in solidarity with young people in Brazil with our musical fundraiser. Feel the Brazilian beats and perform our new and totally exclusive CAFOD World Cup-song! 

We want to get as many people as we can involved in this exciting event happening all over the world this summer! Here’s how:

1) Grab a cup

2) Learn the moves (there’s an easy and a hard version!)

3) Get as many people involved as you can and visit for the full set of resources including an mp3 download, and the lyrics.

This is a great opportunity to do something fun and productive in schools, youth clubs, or friend groups. Make sure you film your performance and email it to so we can include it in our World Cup Song video.


Here’s Anna Kendrick’s version from Pitch Perfect to give you something to aim for!



One thought on “All in one Rhythm – CAFOD’s World Cup Song!

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