Solidarity with the people of Brazil



The World Cup is just around the corner, bringing with it the fun and excitement of the competition, but also highlighting some of the deep social justice issues of Brazil. We have released a host of exciting new resources for use in schools and youth groups to engage young people to act in solidarity with the people of Brazil over the next few weeks. 

Did you know that hosting the World Cup is costing Brazil around £8.8 billion – the most expensive World Cup in history – and 90 per cent of that money is coming from Brazilian taxpayers. In Brazil, £8 billion would pay for more than two million new homes in a country where one fifth of the population, or 40 million people, are living in poverty. Everyone wants the World Cup in Brazil to be a huge success, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable people. Preparations for the World Cup have also had a direct impact on people’s lives; construction of new stadiums have left thousands evicted from their homes.

Our new resources are written to help young people think about these issues, and to discuss how to make the World Cup more fair.

Check out our primary resources:

and our secondary resources:


Click here to learn our World Cup song and raise money for CAFOD!




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