Caritas Social Action Network Roadshow


CAFOD South Wales joined the Archdiocese of Cardiff and the Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) at their Cardiff roadshow focusing on poverty.

The Social Action Roadshow brought together Catholic charities, clergy, parishioners and other local projects to explore the social action projects already being undertaken throughout the Archdiocese and to look at new ways to build on Pope Francis’s call to be a ‘Church for the Poor’.

Kieran O’Brien, manager of CAFOD South Wales said, “Even though CAFOD is not part of The Caritas Social Action Network, we are really excited to be working in partnership with them to tackle issues related to poverty. Although the CSAN mandate covers poverty in the UK and CAFOD focusing on poverty overseas, this is still a great opportunity for us to work closely together and we look forward to supporting future initiatives in the Archdiocese.”

Helen O’Brien, Chief Executive of CSAN, said, “Catholic charities and communities are witnessing soaring levels of poverty across England and Wales, with more families struggling to meet basic living costs.  Church communities and projects have been at the forefront in responding to these growing needs, supporting families on low incomes, providing food distribution schemes and assisting people who are homeless. I hope that this Roadshow will help us to build on this excellent work and energise Catholic social action in the Archdiocese of Cardiff”

Most Reverend George Stack, Archbishop of Cardiff said, “This whole notion of ‘get people into work and suddenly everything will be solved’ is not a solution to the poverty crisis…we have 690,000 adults and children in Wales below the poverty line – that’s 28% of the population…If we don’t give our young people the tools, then they’re bound to repeat the cycle of poverty”.

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