#fortheloveof Video Editing Tool Kit


CAFOD is working together with other agencies as a part of their new #fortheloveof campaign to celebrate the things we love and call on politicians to tackle climate change. Join us by taking action by making a short video…

We are asking our supporters to tell us what they love, and how it could be affected by climate change. This could range from “gardening” to “elephants” to “the seaside”…anything! You can share this online and get ideas here: http://www.cafod.org.uk/Campaign/Take-action-today/climate-action

Once you’ve decided your message, watch the clip below to get an idea of how your video will look.

Now, if you have a Windows computer with Movie Maker, you can make your own! Record a short clip of your message and get started!

Download the fortheloveof Tool Kit and you’re ready to go!

When you’ve finished it, please upload it to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) so we can see it! Make sure you tag it #fortheloveof

Happy editing!


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