#fortheloveof Small Scale Farmers

imageHalf of the world’s food supply comes from the hard work of small scale farmers all over the world. So much of the food on our plates comes from families and communities struggling to make a living with ever increasing social and economic demands on their work. Adding to the pressures of small scale farming are the ever-increasingly devastating effects of climate change.

Earlier this year, I travelled to Sierra Leone, in West Africa, to visit some of the communities that CAFOD work with. It was such an enlightening experience, and really helped me to understand how important the relationship between a community and their farmland is. The amount of labour it takes to successfully produce a crop, and to make a profit, is monumental. Men and women work several hours a day to tend to the land, and to make arduous journeys across several miles to sell their produce. As if this isn’t hard enough, all of their hard work, like thousands of other communities across the world, can be erased by the prospect of flash floods or droughts caused by climate change.

During my stay in Sierra Leone, I found out that a lot of CAFOD’s work with Caritas is surrounding the issue of food security; making sure that there is a sustainable food supply for everyone. At the heart of this aim is establishing ways to cope with climate change such as planting more trees to lessen the impact of flooding, or helping communities learn how to use swampland (previously devastated by flooding) to farm certain crops and create fish farms. These sort of projects are being supported by CAFOD all over the world, but ultimately it will not be enough unless we tackle the roots of climate change.

This is why I’ve been working with CAFOD South Wales to help promote the #fortheloveof campaign which is lobbying our government to make a commitment to tackle climate change in a real and tangible way. I had a great time at our campaign launch in Cardiff with our partner organisations where we asked Welsh Assembly members to tell us what they loved, and how that will be affected by climate change.

Watch our video of the event here:

Climate change can and will affect everyone. But it will hit the poorest the hardest. People who rely on a steady crop to feed their families could lose their income and food supply to changing weather patterns.

Here in Wales, we are asking supporters to share their love by making a video with our easy-to-use Video Editing Tool Kit and spreading the word of this great campaign!

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