Climate March – London Sun 21 Sept


On Sunday 21 September, we’ll be marching through Westminster with other members of The Climate Coalition. This event in London will be part of a Global Day of Action on climate, in the run up to the UN Climate Summit in New York on 23 September. Mobilisations will be happening across the world including in New York, Australia and India.

Climate change is now the number one threat to reducing poverty that exists today. Our biosphere is in a fragile balance. Warm it a bit, and feedback loops start to kick in. Warming melts the arctic ice that reflects sunlight, which means more sunlight absorbed, which means more warming, which melts more ice etc. etc. These feedback loops have begun, and they’re approaching ‘tipping points’ where they spin out of our control, threatening everything we love.

The UN understands this, and they’ve called an emergency summit of world leaders in New York to discuss action, even inviting our movement into the meeting! The problem is, our heads of state are politicians, not scientists, and they respond to public pressure. They see the polls, but they ask, “where are the protests?” Sept. 21st is our answer.

The march will start at 1pm from Temple Place and end on Abingdon Street (next to Houses of Parliament), where a rally will take place from 1.45pm involving a big video installation and guest speakers. It should be over by 3pm. With other faith-based organisations, we’re also looking at having a space for prayer and reflection before the march starts. We’ll keep you informed on the details as soon as possible.

To sign up to the event please go to


We also have a coach going from Cardiff to London on the day. To book your place on the coach simply click on this link here.

We hope to see you there!

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