Get ready for our Harvest Fast Day

head_supporters_eventWe are getting ready for our Harvest Fast Day on the 3rd October, and in order to get our parish contacts and supporters up to speed on how to make sure that Harvest appeal has a big impact in your parish, we will be holding our supporters meeting on the 13 September.

This meeting is a chance for us to come together and share what is happening in our parishes, as well as look at ways in which we can encourage others to help support our vital work around the world. You can download our supporters’ meeting poster here for further information.

Harvest fast day collections are essential to our work and help us to reach out to some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities around the world to bring lasting change. In order to help support our life-changing work we ask our parish contacts to help arrange a collection and the reading out of a short appeal letter at the end of Mass on the weekend of 27/28 September, or the 4/5 of October.

Many parishes in the dioceses of Cardiff and Menevia have no parish contacts, so if you are in a parish community with no parish contact could you help with some of the behind-the-scenes work to help ensure these collections take place? You can read our simple guide which outlines what work needs to take place – which includes doing the small things from putting up posters and handing out envelopes.

We also have our resources page where you can download or order any more resources to help with the Harvest collection, including our Welsh posters (which were not available in the printed Fast Day packs this year) as well as links to our online shop where you can order more materials if required.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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