CAFOD is helping to shape the future of Wales

CAFOD is working with an alliance of Welsh organisations to help Wales become a sustainable nation. Watch our video, taken from the National Eisteddfod in the summer to find out more.

The Well-being of future generations bill is currently being considered by the Welsh Government, which would put the practice of sustainable development at the heart of decision making for the National Assembly of Wales. This could potentially be a groundbreaking bill, but there are key areas that are missing.

CAFOD is working with a coalition of Welsh agencies including environmental charities such as WWF Cyrmu and Friends of the Earth Cymru, as well as overseas development charities Oxfam Cymru and Christian Aid Wales to make sure that climate change and our global impacts are taken into consideration.

Along with the Sustainable Development Alliance we are urging the Welsh Government to amend the Bill so it places “firmer” duties on public bodies to recognise the global impact of products they buy and their obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As we are about to launch our new Climate Change campaign, we recognise that it is the poorest who will be hit hardest by changes in the climate, and Wales can also play a key role in showing global leadership with Wales becoming the first nation to have sustainable development at the heart of decision making. But we all need to work together to make sure we get the bill right.

Kieran O’Brien, manager for CAFOD in South Wales, said “Climate change threatens the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable communities around the world. We need to take the threat and urgency of climate change seriously, so we welcome this new bill which has the potential to be ground-breaking.

But it still does not take into serious consideration Wales’ impact overseas. We all need affordable food and fuel, and we depend upon global systems to meet basic needs such as these. So we want Assembly Members to change this Bill, so it properly addresses climate change, recognises our global impact, and makes sure that Wales is a good global citizen”

If you want to find out more and how you can take action on this bill, head over to our coalition website

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About Kieran O'Brien

As CAFOD Diocesan Manager for South Wales I cover the two dioceses of Cardiff and Menevia. I promote and support fundraising, education, campaigning and other CAFOD related initiatives in the area, encouraging as many people as possible to support our work around the world.

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