New campaign launches in Wales


We are getting ready to launch our new climate change campaign One climate, one world on Friday 24 October. Our launch event at the iconic Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay at 18:00 will include speakers from Peru who will give an account how climate change threatens their communities if we do not act now.


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Climate change is the biggest threat to reducing poverty that exists today. Whether it’s typhoons or floods destroying entire communities, or
unpredictable seasons for farmers leaving millions hungry, climate change is undoing years of our work together to improve people’s lives.

This is why we are asking our supporters to add their voice to our campaign, which we will run throughout Wales and Hererfordshire for the next few years. To help with the launch we are excited to invite our overseas speakers Jesy and Adan from Peru.


Adan and Jesy


Our speakers include Jesy and Adan. To whet your appetite you can read through a short biography for them below.

Jesy Romero, 32, Water resource coordinator, CEAS, Peru

She is a community organiser and coordinates a programme for fair water distribution in Ancash for CEAS, Commission Episcopal de Accion Social- Peruvian Bishops Social Action Commission. Previously at CEAS, Jesy was an accompanier supporting human rights, participation, leadership and advocacy with the Paron Lagoon community. She is a passionate environmentalist. While a student, as part of a study trip she experienced an ancient Andean custom “an offering of the earth” which linked together the life of the animals, plants, water and snow. As she finished her university degree she participated in a study on pollution and its health risks to the community of La Oroya and Concepcion jointly with the University of Missouri and office of the Archbishop of Huancayo.

“At CEAS, I have seen from close up the marginalisation and exclusion of the poor communities we work with who are constantly defending their lands. My Christian vocation compels me to speak the truth and nothing but the truth for the common good.  I face the stark reality of dealing with environmental degradation which continues unabated and climate change which I have seen affecting the most vulnerable communities. We are called to continue to provide a human and just response in solidarity with our communities.”

Jesy is single and she has six brothers and sisters. Her mother died when she was 13. Her father is a health promoter. In spite of the fact that two of her siblings have emigrated to the US and others live in different cities, her family is very close.

Adan Samuel Pajuelo Bula, 31, is a farmer and community leader

Adan is from Cruz de Mayo (Cross of May) in the Peruvian Andes. His community is at risk of losing their access to water because of glacial melt. He told us:

“My job is to coordinate the provision of water. CEAS has taught us how much water we can take from the lagoon, so as not to waste it. We are trying to let the lagoon reach its original level. There are 2,800 families in Cruz de Mayo. The water also sustains people living in Yungay, Caraz and Campiña. It´s a great responsibility. Water brings us problems, but also unites us.

Before there was a water shortage, we didn´t really know each other. But now we speak to each other all the time and work together. I think there will be more conflicts over water, but I think we´ll be able to come together.

On climate change, I think we are accelerating it. We have bad beliefs.  For example, some people believe we have to burn land in order for it to rain. I think we need to change the way we think. I think industry is the greatest polluter. And those of us who don´t generate much pollution, we are the ones who suffer the most. When the glaciers melt, we are the ones who are going to suffer. Industry should invest where climate change will have greatest impact. When the glaciers melt, we won´t be able to grow corn, carnations or potatoes. This place will become a desert. And where can we go?  Everyone else will be in the same boat. If we can restore the lagoon with rainfall and change our irrigation systems, so that we use less water and produce more, that will make a difference.

I think we need to prepare ourselves now and not wait for things to get worse. We can learn how to farm with less water and produce more, using irrigation techniques.”

If you would like to attend the launch contact us here.









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  1. We can help those who are less fortunate tan us through CAFOD’S South Wales and our Docesan; Kieran O’Brien. C. Procter

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