Show the love this Valentine’s day


In the run up to Valentine’s Day, some of the UK’s best loved faces including CAFOD ambassadors David Harewood MBE and Dermot O’Leary are appearing in a short film which premieres today to highlight the damaging effects of climate change.

David and Dermot are joined on screen by a host of famous faces including Stephen Fry, Jarvis Cocker, Alison Steadman and Raymond Blanc. Produced by Ridley Scott Associates and directed by Stuart Rideout, the film is part of a week-long campaign organised by The Climate Coalition which is calling on the general public to ‘Show the Love’ this Valentine’s day for all that could be lost to climate change.

Here in Wales we have sent a letter to all Assembly Members of the Welsh Assembly Government to thank them for their continued support for action on climate change.

If you love it share it. Give your heart this Valentine’s Day

This is your moment. Don’t lose what you love to climate change, just because no one knew you cared. The science is proven. Time is short. But the love is strong. As well as watching and sharing the film, you can Show the Love this week by making, wearing and sharing green hearts.

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Kieran O’Brien, manager for CAFOD South Wales said:

“Climate change will affect us all, no matter what part of the world we live in. it will affect our landscapes, our trees and plants, the animals and birds we see every day, our very way of life. Things that we have taken for granted could one day disappear altogether. Let’s show the love this Valentine’s Day for the world we live in and to encourage others, including world leaders, who make vital decisions about the future of our planet, to take action”.

Take action today on climate change: send a message to party leaders

Will you join us this Valentine’s day and Show the Love? For more information, follow @CAFOD on twitter and share your stories, photos and ideas using#showthelove. If the film has inspired you, then join us on 17 June as we speak up to make sure politicians know how much we care about climate change.

Make sure you continue to Show the Love during Lent. Visit our Lent calendar every day to read about people whose lives have been affected by Climate change.

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