Lent liturgy pack

Child_litCAFOD supporter from St Brigid’s in Cardiff, Brigid Brown, went the extra mile this Lent by producing a Lent pack for children for her parish.

Inspired by the CAFOD talk at the end of Mass, Brigid pulled together a journey for children to take during Lent.

Kieran O’Brien, manager for CAFOD South Wales, said:

I’m delighted with what Brigid has pulled together. There is a clear journey for children to take during Lent, where they learn to pray, fast and give to the poor. The activities in the pack are fun to do, and having already tested this with my 3 and 6 year old, I know that these will be very well received by other children.

Children are first encouraged to watch the video below and then to draw pictures of Zin Thu Thu, the 8 year old girl who is the focus of the video. The pack also includes a display which the children can colour in each day of Lent, getting sponsored to give something up.

You can download a copy of the pack here:

Pack: St_Brigid_Lent_2015_Pack

Lenten journey activity sheet: Lent 2015 – Cover

If you wanted copies printed out for your children then please contact us, and we can print some off for you.

Great work Brigid!

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