London Rally 17 June

head_speak_up_for_the_love_ofIf you put one date in your diary this year make it Wednesday 17 June, and join CAFOD at an unforgettable event in London as we speak up for the love of all the things we cherish.

Climate change is the single biggest threat to our work eradicating poverty today, but we can make a difference. As people of faith, we’re determined to speak up against injustice, and on Wednesday 17 June we’ll come together with over 100 like-minded organisations – members of The Climate Coalition – and gather at the Houses of Parliament to make our voices heard.

We’ll be taking over Westminster and Millbank to connect the poor to the powerful by sharing their concerns on climate change with leaders who can make a difference.

We’re inviting our MPs who, one month on from the election, will be ready to hear from us about the people and things we care most about.

I’ve always been interested in politics, and I feel strongly about these things, but now I am retired, I have the time to do something about it. It’s important to get to the people who make the decisions. I’ll definitely be at the Climate Coalition lobby on 17 June, whether by myself or with a group. You’ve got to be seen to be counted.

– Jane Lavery – CAFOD supporter

Register online and get event updates

Sophie Dodgeon, Head of Campaigns at CAFOD, says, “2015 is a crucial year for our work onclimate change and development, and your involvement on Wednesday 17 June will be vital.

“In May we’ll have a new UK parliament and by December, global leaders need to have agreed a new international climate deal. For the sake of the communities that we work with, the deal needs to be ambitious, binding and fair to the poorest people. We must make sure each of our newly elected MPs on 17 June understands how climate change seriously affects us all, but it is the poorest people being hit hardest and first.”

Read Sophie’s blog on the 7 important moments for CAFOD in 2015

What will happen on the day?

Speak Up For The Love Of… will not only be one of the biggest moments to act on climate change in 2015, it will also be a fun day with activities for all ages and abilities. You just need to be passionate about our world with a desire to change it for the better for future generations.

In addition to speaking to our MPs, there will be:

  • An ecumenical service where we can join in worship and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • An interfaith moment to reflect our universal mandate to care for creation.
  • Craft activities for all ages.
  • Finishing with a rally to celebrate, with music and talks from A-list celebrities.

Get ready for the day by taking part in a bunting making workshop. It is really easy – just follow our guide here: Bunting_Template_for_Campaign

Put your faith into action this year and speak up with us on Wednesday 17 June

One thought on “London Rally 17 June

  1. Thanks Bernie but I’d clocked it already!  Are we going to get a bus?   Go well.   JF   PS.  Have already told our MP to put it in his diary notwithstanding the small matter of his securing reelection!

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