#WithSyria – fourth year of conflict

To mark the fourth anniversary of the start of the conflict in Syria CAFOD, as part of #WithSyria – a global coalition of 130 aid agencies and civil society groups from around the world – is calling for more to be done to stop the conflict and to get humanitarian aid to communities in need.

The #WithSyria coalition have released a hard-hitting film and launched a global petition calling on world leaders to stop flinching from doing more to bring this devastating conflict to an end.

Watch the #WithSyria film here.

The numbers of people caught up in the Syria crisis today are staggering. Since the conflict started on 15 March 2011, more than 12.2 million people have been forced to flee their homes. In 2014 alone, an average of 200 people – the equivalent of two double-decker busloads – were killed every day.Our partner, Bishop Antoine Audo, Director of Caritas Syria, based in Aleppo, told us that the human suffering is greater than ever before:

“This war has destroyed whole neighbourhoods, not forgetting the booming industries that were in Syria as well as the farming.Half of Syrians are either homeless or living as refugees in neighbouring countries. Eighty per cent of the workforce in Aleppo have no work. The rich have left, the middle class have become poor and the poor have become destitute.

”Pray for peace in Syria As part of the #WithSyria campaign CAFOD is calling for world leaders to commit to:

Finding a political and inclusive agreement to bring the conflict to an end
Calling on both sides in the conflict to end indiscriminate attacks against civilians
Financing a humanitarian aid response.
Sign the #WithSyria petition today

CAFOD’s Emergency Manager for the Syria Crisis, Alan Thomlinson, said:

“The extreme hardship already endured by millions of Syrians will only grow worse as the violence in Syria continues to spiral. The situation is economically, politically and socially unsustainable. It is unconscionable that Syrians should continue to suffer.”

We are able to work through local partners on the ground inside Syria, who can channel humanitarian aid to where it is needed regardless of religious or political affiliations. Some of our partners are working at great risk to their own safety.With money raised by CAFOD supporters across England and Wales, they have been able to reach communities with vital food, shelter, clean water and sanitation.

Outside of Syria in neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan we continue to bolster the work of our partners providing Syrian refugees with shelter, food, health and education services.Bishop Audo concluded:

“We are tired and enough really is enough. It’s difficult for me to think about the hopes for the future of the next generation of Syrians.“However, we hope to one day build a real sense of citizenship based on the respect of human rights.“Syria is a beautiful country with deep roots in history and humanity. It is a place where people of many religions and cultures can live together as a model of human rights and of civilisation. It is a country I love.”

Since the launch of our Syria Crisis appeal, the Catholic Community in England and Wales has donated more than £2.8 million, allowing us to continue to work with our partners to deliver emergency supplies to thousands of vulnerable Syrian families.

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