6th Form students fundraise for earthquake survivors


Students from St David’s Sixth Form college in Cardiff took early action to support the Nepal Earthquake DEC Cymru appeal in their college.The students, who had heard about the appeal mainly through social media, were inspired to take action to help those who are in need.

17 year old Lameese, who was inspired to act said:

The first I saw of the emergency was on social media. I was really shocked by what I saw. It was really heartbreaking seeing the moving photos of seeing people being rescued from the rubble – it was really horrible.

It is important that we donate and fundraise for those who are in need. Sending money will help people because it will make a difference.

The students displayed collection buckets around the college to help support the appeal. 17 year old Daisy, who also saw the emergency news on social media said:

It was so shocking to see the news of the earthquake, because it is a place that we recognise. The people of Wales can do a lot to help fundraise and make awareness of how much a deal this has made to them, because it does get taken over by other news.

Patrick, also 17 years old, had personally experienced earthquakes when he lived in New Zealand.

Being from New Zealand, I have experienced earthquakes myself. It struck quite home, it was shocking to see the amount of lives being lost.

Please find out how you can support our appeal here.

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