Allaine shares her thoughts on #GGC15


Cultivating young leaders

~by Allaine Jorolan

I found out about the Great Generation Conference, through my philosophy teacher. She introduced the conference to our class during one of our lessons and many, including myself, were eager to join in. She went on to explain that other students, from other schools across South Wales, were joining us and the day would be on leadership training. The thought of meeting new people, and quite possibly present in front of them, made me a little anxious.

As our school was the host, the class were assigned to welcome everyone. We weren’t the best welcoming team as we were all nervous at the prospect of meeting them. But after a while we started to open up and began to start conversations with the other students. Doing the name bingo gave me insight on what other students and their schools were like, equally, it lead me to meet some really great people. Likewise, I learned that one student lived in the same part of the Philippines as I did!
I got to develop leadership skills and gained greater knowledge on influences and how an individual’s small action can influence many people. I found the presenter workshop especially rewarding, it gave great tips on how to be a good presenter, from body language to tone of voice, and even putting presentation skills to the test. Overall, it was a great day and I’m glad that I attended!
Click here to look at resources from the day and take action!

2 thoughts on “Allaine shares her thoughts on #GGC15

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