Paris comes to Wales!


My first lobby! by Allaine Jorolan

On the 14th July, Bastille Day, I headed down to the Senedd in Cardiff Bay to lobby AMs about a Fair Climate Deal for Wales, and insure that they are committed to playing their part for our environment.


The day before, I was given the task of writing a script for the event video and went through how the day would play out. Despite the preparations, I still didn’t know what to expect and I was excited for the day ahead, though I felt a little anxious. Upon arriving, I set out on taking extra footage for the video as more and more people arrived. I saw that it was not only CAFOD but other various charities, in the hopes to raise awareness of issues of climate change. Also, I was glad to see other young people interested in joining the climate change campaign! In honour of Bastille Day, and to promote the UN Climate Change Conference later on this year in Paris, we set up the French decorations, which included the French flag, berets and even the staple of French food, baguettes and cheese! Likewise, we also had a pedal operated music box (and many of the AMs were eager to hop on the bike)! _MG_3932 The atmosphere was great! Everyone was enjoying the day and I even plucked up the courage to talk to a local. I explained the purpose of the event to him and expressed that we aim to keep the rise of global warming under 2°C. He was eager to find out more, and even keener to try the bike! The highlight of my day was the shoot for the video; it allowed me to develop on my presentation skills. Being able to see myself on video helped me to determine the areas I could improve in such as the use of body language and my tone of voice. It also resulted in (several) hilarious outtakes!

Check out the video here.


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