Swansea Catholics join Lent Appeal

photo 2

St David’s Priory Parishioners enjoying their Lent Lunch

Catholics the length and breadth of South Wales have been fundraising to raise money for CAFOD’s Lent Appeal. From school fundraisers to Lent Lunches, different events have been taking place to ensure that the taps are turned on across the world this Lent.  

We here in the CAFOD South Wales office have been lucky enough to attend some of these events and we have had a great time. Last weekend saw many Lent Lunches taking place and Helen McSherry, CAFOD Community Participation Co-ordinator attended one such event in Swansea.

Parishioners from St David’s Priory took part in a Lent Lunch as part of this year’s CAFOD Lent fundraising campaign.

Find out more about the Lent Appeal

photo 1

Raising funds for CAFOD’s Lent Appeal

Helen McSherry said:

“After Mass on Saturday, thirty people gathered, both young and old to share soup, bread and yummy homemade cakes. Stuart, Mary and the other volunteers did a fantastic job of organising the soup lunch – the atmosphere was lovely and warm. A group of ladies for the adjoining sheltered housing joined the meal and shared their love of football. It was a great community afternoon to raise money to ‘turn on the taps’ and provide water pumps for communities abroad.”

It is hard to believe but right now, 650 million people are living without access to clean water. 2.5 billion people lack something as basic as access to a toilet and sewage system. It is also estimated that women and girls worldwide spend 125 million hours a day collecting water, which means time away from work, school or playing with friends.

With the help of your fundraising, we will be able to provide the means for 300,000 people to have access to clean and safe water. In an added boost, all donations the Lent Appeal will be doubled by the UK Government up until May.

Donate to the Lent appeal at cafod.org.uk

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