Fundraising Fun in Newport

pie in face2

Children at St Patrick’s having fun and fundraising.

Schools across South Wales and Herefordshire have been getting creative with their fundraising for Lent, but one school in Newport got very messy on their day of fundraising for the Lent Appeal.

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School in Newport made a splash by splatting teachers which pies which raised over £216. As their fundraising is part of the Lent campaign, which is supported by match funding, it will mean that they have raised over £430 to help provide access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene programmes to over 300,000 people in Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The event took place last week during lunchtime and both the headteacher and deputy headteacher got pies in the face to help raise money for the CAFOD Lent Appeal.
Mrs S. Euden, the Deputy Headteacher at the School said:

“We have been supporting CAFOD for years. The idea for the event came from the Charity club, which is voluntary club which has members from years 1-5. They meet at lunchtimes and they put forward the proposal for fundraising. We raised £216 and we had lots of fun!”

pie in face

St Patrick’s raised over £216!

CAFOD’s representative in South Wales, Helen McSherry said:

“It is something I always wish I could have done to my teachers; it is brilliant to hear about how the children organised the event and raised money for our poorest brothers and sisters all over the world – it is truly inspiring. We’d like to say a huge thanks to the pupils at St Patrick’s for their generosity.”

The fundraising at St Patrick’s will help raise money for people, especially girls, all over the world. Girls like for 15 year-old Guti, from Uganda. She nearly dropped out of school because there was no clean, safe water and had to walk to the river for water to drink or to wash.

CAFOD partners were able to repair the water pump near Guti’s school, provided a portable sink and soap for handwashing, and trained teachers to help pupils learn good hygiene routines. This has meant fewer pupils miss school due to illness and some girls are taking high-school exams that only boys took before.

Donate to the Lent Appeal:

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