Year of Mercy – talk

th_yom_largeContinuing in our series of Beyond the green envelope talks, we will be exploring Pope Francis’ theme of mercy during this Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. We will discuss how we can be living signs of mercy to our global neighbours in the world today. How can we overcome a ‘globalisation of indifference’ in our parish community, especially in light of the growing problems around the world?

This talk is a chance to unpack some of the teachings of Pope Francis and his emphasis on mercy, especially on how we treat the poorest of the poor and refugees. The talk will be a chance to discover what we mean by mercy, and how does the flow of mercy that we receive continue towards others?

We will unpack some of the central themes of the Papal Bull Misericordiae Vultus, and look at how we can apply it to the situations in our world today.prayer_neighbour

We will also explore some of CAFOD’s work with refugees, especially those who have been displaced and living in challenging situations in refugee camps, and have lost their family members.

These talks have been offered to parishes across the dioceses of Cardiff and Menevia including Cardiff, Llanelli, Ross on Wye, Newport, and Knighton. They have been extremely well received as a way of deepening our faith and understanding on some core issues of our faith.

If you think that your parish would benefit from a talk then please do get in contact with us and we would be delighted to offer this as a reflection for your parish community.

Download a sample poster here.




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