Sally celebrates volunteering for 35 year



Sally at a volunteering day

Sally Ann Meredith, a retired teacher who worked at St Alban’s, Pontypool, is continuing to educate pupils across South Wales by holding assembilies and talks about the work of Catholic charity, CAFOD.   

“As soon as I started teaching in 1980, St Alban’s, Pontypool, I became involved in organising extra curricular activities to raise awareness and funds for CAFOD.

“Long before the Hunger Games we had ‘Hunger Lunches,’ where we ate bread and soup and sang hymns, they became so popular that we were impacting on the canteen profits! Many students would fast for 24 hours raising a great deal in sponsorship and thousands of pounds were raised each fast day.

“When I decided to take early retirement I knew that I would want to continue to be involved with CAFOD’s work and have visited primary schools in both Cardiff and Menevia Diocese presenting assemblies, delivering workshops and Sixth form days.

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“It is a very different experience to go into a school where you are a visitor rather than a member of staff, but the support from Kieran O’ Brian in the Cardiff Office and the opportunity to meet with other volunteers to develop resources to use in schools has been really positive, enjoyable and inspirational.

“Working as a team with Kieran at the helm to deliver the sixth form days have been particularly memorable, and arguably the most significant when you consider that this is the next generation of CAFOD volunteers.

“By supporting CAFOD, it’s my way of reaching people that I can never meet but through the local CAFOD volunteers the awareness and funds that I help to raise in this country people are helped to improve their lives.”

CAFOD representative in South Wales, Kieran O’Brien, who has worked with Sally for over 10 years said:

“I would like to say thank you to all our volunteers, especially Sally who has dedicated so much time and showed an amazing level of commitment. Our volunteers are at the heart of our work and without whom would not be able to so fully support those living in poverty around the world. By volunteering with CAFOD and you will see how the time you give means less time someone else has to live in poverty.”

If you are interesting in becoming a CAFOD volunteer, please contact

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