My Faith inspired me to volunteer

Sue Scanlon_Holy Family

Sue on a Schools Visit 

Sue Scanlon volunteers in the Cardiff Archdiocese and works in both Cardiff and Hereford. She has been an amazing volunteering force for over three decades and I spoke to her about her volunteering journey and why, being a volunteer now is just as important as it was when she began.

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“I have been volunteering intermittently since the 1980’s; at the moment I am a schools volunteer. In the past I have been involved with our parish CAFOD group, fundraising and promoting the campaigns.


Sue at Eisteddfod 

“Volunteering challenges me to keep learning about different countries, and it enables me to feel that I am making a contribution to the work of CAFOD. For me, CAFOD has been a vital part of my Catholic faith.

“I feel indebted to CAFOD- for educating me and inspiring me over the years, and enabling me to put my faith into action. Many people of my generation were affected by the Ethiopian famine which gave rise to Band-Aid.

Pantasaph Sue and Julian #6##_Q05

Sue at a fundraising event

“CAFOD was heavily involved then with the UK response to that crisis, and over the years I have been very proud of the work it continually does- both responding to those in need and educating us at home about world issues.”

We are able to do this work because of our caring and passionate volunteers and supporters. They educate people here in the UK, organise fundraisers and work alongside their Parish. The work that volunteers do is the life-blood of CAFOD.

Thank you to every one of our volunteers. If there is something that inspired you to volunteer, let us know, we would love to hear about it. If Sue’s story has inspired you to want to volunteer you can get in touch us at


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