Refugee Week

Lampedusa CrossBeginning in 1998, Refugee Week is a time where people across the UK gather for cultural, musical and education events. We have been inspired by so many across the Diocese who have shown solidarity with refugees by writing messages of hope, love, and compassion.

The current migration to Europe, the Middle East and Central America, has reached record levels; over 65 million people are now displaced worldwide. Many have left their communities to escape poverty, and to avoid persecution and war. Yet, when they leave their country, they are left without a place to call home.

Learn about the causes of the refugee crisis in Europe by reading our frequently asked questions.

Despite the issue being vast and complex; our faith calls us to act. One of the corporal acts of The Year of Mercy is to welcome the stranger because even the smallest act can make a massive difference.

Many people in the Diocese have taken these teachings to heart. Inspired by the act of Francisco Tuccio, who made the Lampedusa Crosses out of wrecked refugee boats, they have left messages of hope alongside the cross, which now displayed in St David’s Cathedral in Cardiff and in Menevia, the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Taper, Cardigan. The Cross is also touring the Diocese, and all the dates are listed on our blog. These messages will be shared with refugees, through our partners, in November.

Many parishioners have also arranged pilgrimages, and are reflecting in prayer, to show solidarity with refugees around the world.

Download the resources to organise your own refugee pilgrimage

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