A young volunteer donates first Holy Communion gifts to CAFOD

IMG_8876 (002).jpg

Alena at her First Holy Communion

Alena is only 8 years old but she is already passionate about CAFOD and our work. So much so, that instead of asking presents for her first Holy Communion, she asked that instead, people donate to CAFOD and over £600 was donated in her name.

Alena originally heard about CAFOD at school and in her local church, Holy Family in Fairwater, Cardiff. She wanted to act and show that she cared for all the people in the world who aren’t so fortunate. She decided that she didn’t want any presents, but instead wanted to use the occasion to raise awareness, and help others.

The day was a great success, there was a stall where people could learn more about the work that CAFOD is doing and Alena’s friends and family donated over £600 for the work of CAFOD around the world.

Elena_First_Holy_CommunionAlena said:

“A few months prior to my Holy Communion, while planning for the after-party, I decided we would ask all guests to donate money to CAFOD instead of giving presents to me. Though I love receiving presents, I made up my mind to go without this time.

“When I heard about the wonderful works of CAFOD across the globe for the poor people, I understood the difference it could make however tiny it might be. I am very happy that we managed to do something good on a very holy occasion.”

CAFOD representative, Kieran O’Brian who attended the day said:

“It was such a great day, and I want to say thank you to Alena for her generosity and kindness. On such a big day for her, she put her faith into action and gave a great gift to the work of CAFOD. She is such an inspiration at such a young age and it was lovely to see her passion for making the world a better place.”

If you are interested in volunteering with CAFOD in South Wales, please contact: southwales@cafod.org.uk

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