Power to the people launches in Wales

On 12 July, CAFOD supporters and campaigners came together at St David’s Cathedral  in Cardiff to hear Takura Gwatinyanya, a Water and Sanitation specialist from Zimbabwe who explained how the country is using sustainable solutions to solve their water issues. Watch our video above to find out more!

As part of CAFOD’s Power to the People Campaign, the event was attended by volunteers, supporters and seasoned campaigners who had an opportunity to hear first hand about the work of one of CAFOD’s partners, and the difference that their
campaigning is making to some of the poorest communities.Power_to_the_people_c

Takura gave an honest witness and detailed explanation on how investment in renewable energy was transforming lives. Access to safe water, through the use of solar energy, is reducing diseases, the travel burden on woman and children and is also promoting economic productivity by providing water for agro-economic activities.

Quoting Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, he reminded us that as Christians, we have an obligation to care for our common home and the Church must become a good Samaritan by raising awareness of these issues.s_Libby_still

Inspired by the talk, the group were led by campaigns officer Libby Abbot to explore ways in which they could raise awareness of Climate Change and have pledged to take part in the Month of Climate Action in October.

As part of the Welsh campaign, Stop Climate Chaos Cymru, is encouraging people to lobby their MPs and Assembly Members on Climate issues that really matter to them. The Coalition hopes that this will make our representatives more aware of both international and local climate issues.

Find out more about how you can join our campaign and take action on climate change in your parish or local community.

Also, why not join our MP Correspondence scheme where we help you to write to your MP to ensure the voice of many of the world’s poorest is heard. Find out more here.

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