Wedding bells for our office volunteer

JR Diaz and his new wifeWe are delighted to see JR Diaz, our office volunteer from the Cardiff office, say “I do” to his beautiful bride at a moving ceremony in St David’s Metropolitan Cathedral on Saturday 16 July.

JR, a keen pianist who is very active in music ministry within the church, enjoyed a wide range of hymns and songs throughout the wedding service, making it a really moving ceremony and a memorable event for the couple as well as all the guests.JR, who will be starting a new role as the lay chaplain for Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary school in Cardiff in the new academic year, will have his hands full on his return from his much deserved honeymoon.

JR, who hails from Sydney Australia, has been in the UK for less than 6mths, and is now looking to settle down in Cardiff.

“We are delighted for JR and wish him all the luck for a very happy life together.” said Kieran O’Brien, coordinator for CAFOD, “but most importantly we can’t wait to have him back in the office. No, seriously. JR is a whiz on the database and we need all the help we can get.”

Could you help us as a volunteer in the Cardiff office? There are a range of roles for office volunteering, so please do chat to us if you can offer a few hours per week.

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