Lampedusa Cross reaches out to Hwllfordd

Fr Liam Bradley with members of the Youth Group

Pembrokshire in South-west Wales is the latest county in the Menevia diocese to welcome the Lampedusa Cross.

The parish church of Saint David and St Patrick in the county town of Haverfordwest hosted the Cross on Thursday 22 September to begin a Week of Prayer for the Year of Mercy.

Fr Liam Bradley become parish priest here at the beginning of August, having previously been curate to Fr Owen McGreal, who recently retired.

The parish also serves the church of the Immaculate Conception in Narberth.


The Week of Prayer began with a talk from CAFOD’s representative in the Menevia diocese,  Therese Warwick, on the Year of Mercy.

Fr Liam had also planned a Holy Hour with Benediction, a Votive Mass for Migrants and Refugees and an assembly visit with the Lampedusa cross to the neighbouring Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School.



There was a good turnout for the Year of Mercy talk which included around ten members of a thriving and engaged Youth Group – who were wonderful helping out with technology and the display.

Special thanks to them and to Fr Liam for an uplifting evening in Pembrokeshire.


Lampedusa Cross and Rembrandt's Return of the Prodigal Son

Lampedusa Cross on the altar

Prayer cards were given out to the parishioners to write their personal messages of hope for people who are fleeing from their homes.  Add your personal message for refugees online here.

 “Jesus’ love, mercy and his call to follow are also calls to love others, respect their dignity and show them mercy.  Jesus’ love heals our shortsightedness and pushes us to look beyond, not to be satisfied with appearances or with what is politically correct.”   Pope Francis

The church is Grade II listed small Gothic Revival Catholic church which was built in 1871.

Altar at St David & St Patrick's

Altar at St David & St Patrick’s


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