Blaenavon parish discovering the face of mercy

blaenavonParishioners from the parish of The Sacred Heart and St Felix in Blaenavon, and St Alban’s in Pontypool gathered for a lunchtime talk to reflect on the Pope’s teaching around the Year of Mercy. Led by Kieran O’Brien, the talk offered the parishioners an opportunity to reflect on Pope Francis’ teachings using art to discuss the meaning of mercy. 

The talk was also accompanied by the Lampedusa Cross, which is touring the Archdiocese of Cardiff, and offered a chance for the parishioners to reflect on the plight of refugees across the globe, and reflect on how we respond to their needs.

The two churches in Blaenavon and Pontypool will host the Lampedusa Cross for the next couple of weeks, where there will be an opportunity for everyone to pray with the cross, as well as write a message of hope to refugees which will be collected by CAFOD and shared with refugees across the globe.

You can read the response of refugees to some of the messages of hope that they’ve received.

Also you can send a message of hope here, which will be shared with refugees around the world.

Kieran O’Brien said:

“The welcome I got from the parishioners was like a huge warm hug! For the lunchtime talk many had brought home-made cakes and sandwiches to share. The group was also deeply concerned and moved by the plight of refugees and others, and were absolutely delighted to host the Lampedusa cross. My prayer and hope is that they will share the message of mercy with the wider parish and respond to Pope Francis’ call to ‘hear the cry of the poor’ throughout their community”

The Lampedusa Cross will reside at Sacred Heart and St Felix, Blaenavon on the 7/8 Oct, and in St Alban’s, Pontypool on the 14/15 Oct. Please do visit if you are nearby.


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