Training new Schools Volunteers


Following our recent appeal for new volunteers to join our Schools team, a number of wonderful people stepped forward to attend the training which has started in Swansea.

They were joined by two volunteers from Clifton Diocese which made for an interesting sharing experience.

The appeal for Schools volunteers was advertised in parishes throughout the Archdiocese and we are enormously grateful to our parish priests for their support.


Volunteers have come forward from Cardiff, Swansea and Llanelli parishes to date and we’d like to say a huge thank you to them for their commitment to putting their faith into action.

If you think that this is an area of CAFOD’s work that you would like to be involved in or learn more about, then please do get in touch as we are running further training courses after Christmas.

Potential new recruits: Victoria and Paul

Potential new recruits: Victoria and Paul

What we can promise you is that it’s a very rewarding volunteer experience and a wonderful way of raising awareness of global issues of poverty and the impact of climate change amongst our young people.



catholic-social-teaching-cards-at-ed-ref-day-sept-2016Our current cohort of volunteers will complete their formal training in November.

We’ll keep you updated with their progress.

Finally a quick thank you to our friends in St Mary’s Collegiate Church in Swansea for hosting Education Training Day 1.  Day 2 will take place at St David’s Priory Church, also in Swansea on Monday 7th November.

People volunteer with CAFOD for many different reasons.

Our Education volunteers teach children and young people by visiting Catholic schools helping them to learn about the difference they can make in the fight to end global poverty.

It’s a valuable and valued role.  Can you help us to make a difference?  Get in touch on 01292 344 882 or email us.



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