St Joseph’s shows solidarity with refugees


On Thursday, 3 November, St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School in Swansea hosted the Lampedusa Cross at their school.

Following morning assembly, Year 4 children with their class t of “Welcoming the Outsider” and to show solidarity with refugees.eacher, Mrs Philippart, gathered in the hall to reflect on the Corporal work of Mercy

Therese Warwick, CAFOD’s representative in Menevia lead the presentation as the children learned the difference between a refugee and a migrant and why Pope Francis has asked us to show that we care about them and share their hopes and dreams.

“We are all members of one human family and therefore have a responsibility to ensure that our sisters and brothers around the world are treated with dignity and compassion.”  Pope Francis

The children also heard about which countries CAFOD is working in, how many refugees there are in the world today and to understand the reasons why people are forced to leave their country and become refugees.

We looked how CAFOD is working with its partners to support refugees.


The children then gathered to do the pilgrimage action in the hall using the world map, loaf of bread, passport, rucksack and Khawle’s family portrait.  The children had all brought a picture of their own family, which they placed around the Lost Family portrait of Khawle.

We then gathered around the Lampedusa Cross and shared the story of the local carpenter, Francesco Tuccio, who was met some of the survivors from a boat that sank between Sicily and mainland Italy.

The boat was carrying 500 refugees.  It caught fire and sank and only 151 people survived.

children-with-lampedusa-cross-lining-up-in-hallMr Tuccio collected wreckage and made wooden crosses which he gave to the survivors as a sign of solidarity with the refugees and hope for their future.

Prayer cards were distributed among the class and the children wrote their own very moving messages of hope for the refugees.


We then all processed in our own pilgrimage from the school to the Cathedral Church of St Joseph which is adjacent to the school and we entered through the Holy Door of Mercy where the children were welcomed by the Dean, Fr Benedict Koledoye.


Fr Benedict reminded us all about the Year of Mercy and led us in prayer to bring our pilgrimage to a close.



















Jesus, friend and brother,

you know what it is like to be hungry and thirsty.

You know what it feels like

to be stranger who is made


You know the suffering of all

who have lost everything.

We pray that by welcoming refugees

we may show love for our neighbour

and be closer to you.







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