New volunteers join the Schools Team


Sue Philippart (Menevia), John McLorian (Clifton) and Chris Crowley (Cardiff)

We are delighted to welcome two newly qualified volunteers to our Education team.

Sue Philippart is based in Menevia and Chris Crowley is based in Cardiff. They were joined at the training by John McLorian from the Clifton diocese.

All the recruits have completed online training sessions for Child Protection and Understanding CAFOD values before attending their first whole day training in Swansea.

Following that, the volunteers attended a shadow visit in school and then completed a final day of training which unpicked the shadow visit, sharing best practice and exploring some of CAFOD’s excellent education resources.

CAFOD South Wales is indebted to St David’s Priory parish in Swansea for their support and to St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School in Swansea for the shadow visit.

We are always looking for more volunteers to join our friendly team working in local schools and inspiring young people to pray, to give and to act.  It’s a rewarding and responsible role which is vital to CAFOD’s work.

Our mission is to work alongside the world’s poorest people. We work without prejudice, and we believe our Catholic values are best shown through working for justice and an end to poverty.

If you think this is how you would like to put your faith into action, then we are running further training in 2017 and we’d love to hear from you.  Email us at the volunteer centre or call 02920 344882.




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