Pope Francis proposes new Beatitudes


Back in September 2016  Pope Francis added “To Care for our Common Home” to the traditional sets of both the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

And, in case you missed it, he has shown his openness to “newness”  once again – this time on All Saints, November 1 by offering six new Beatitudes for our times.

The announcement came at the end of an ecumenical trip to Sweden where he highlighted the lives of saints saying that they were faithful and meek and cared for others.

Pope Francis went on to say that the “identity card” of saints is found in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5: 1-12), which begins “Blessed are the poor in spirit.”


He said the Beatitudes are:

 “the way of life that the Lord teaches us, so that we can follow in his footsteps.”

He added that Christ’s followers today are called “to confront the troubles and anxieties of our age with the spirit and love of Jesus” and “to recognize new situations with a fresh spiritual energy” and renewed commitment.

Pope Francis then proposed a list of new beatitudes for modern Christians:

“Blessed are those who remain faithful, while enduring evils inflicted on them by others, and forgive them from their heart.”


“Blessed are those who look into the eyes of the abandoned and marginalized and show them their closeness.”

“Blessed are those who see God in every person and strive to make others also discover him.”

“Blessed are those who protect and care for our common hompower-to-the-peoplee.”


“Blessed are those who renounce their own comfort in order to help others.”

“Blessed are those who pray and work for full communion between Christians.”

sermon-on-the-mountThe Beatitudes serve as a blueprint for our lives.

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