Conversations about climate change…


We are so blessed in the Archdiocese.  All of us have a special place that we love to visit.  Maybe it’s our local park, the spectacular Brecon Beacons, the meandering Wye in Herefordshire or the beautiful coastline of Pembrokeshire.   They are all places we treasure.

In his encyclical Laudato Si’ Pope Francis invites us to see how all of creation reflects God’s love.  But the climate is changing and our beautiful world is under threat.  And it’s the poorest and most vulnerable communities around the world that are affected the most.

On Valentine’s Day – Tuesday February 14 – you can help change this by showing what you love. Our campaigns team is inviting you to start a conversation about climate change.

When was the last time we talked about climate change?  For many of us it was probably back in November 2015 when world leaders were meeting in Paris for the UN climate talks.

Nearly  2 million people of faith called for climate justice – a fair and binding global agreement on climate change that had the needs of the world’s poorest people at its heart.

The historic climate deal agreed in December 2015 marked what Pope Francis called a “a global common plan where we put the needs of the most vulnerable first.”

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges or our time.  But if people aren’t talking about it, it will be forgotten.  So by talking to people around you, you can start shaping the future of our planet.

So will you show the love?

We have got lots of resources to help you spread the word – with your family, with your parish with the wider community.

Wear a green heart sticker on Valentine’s Day.

Ask your children’s liturgy group to use our new liturgy for Sunday 19 February

Organise your parish or youth group to make green hearts to send to your local MP.

You can download all our resources here.

Our faith calls us to care for the earth, our common home. If we all act together we have the power to guarantee the safety of future generations.


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