Fairtrade Fortnight

fairtradeWales is a Fairtrade country.  Indeed was the first Fairtrade nation in the world! Now that’s something to shout about…

This year Fairtrade Fortnight runs from Monday 27 February until Sunday 12 March.

The food on our tables, the tea and coffee in our mugs, all come from farmers around the world who toil, sweat and slog.

However hard they work to provide the things we depend on, millions of farmers in developing countries aren’t paid what they deserve. It’s not a new problem.

Fairtrade is about paying a minimum price for producers PLUS an extra payment to be invested for community development projects.

Fairtrade is a long-term trading commitment without harming the environment.

Fairtrade is fair wages and working conditions with no forced labour for children or adults.

Fairtrade producers have the right to join trade unions.

When we come together we can change the way people think about trade and the products on our shelves.

CAFOD founded the Fairtrade Foundation in 1992 along with Christian Aid, Oxfam, Traidcraft, the World Development Movement and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes.

We believe we are all part of the global food system – which means we have the power to change it.


The Fairtrade movement is made up of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their communities for Fairtrade.

Changing the food we buy and choosing products from Fairtrade companies is one of the ways we can help tackle poverty. Your actions help shoppers to make choices that change the lives of farmers and workers.

Can you parish become a Fairtrade parish?  Check out the Fairtrade parish application form and return to CAFOD to get started.

The Fairtrade Fortnight action guide has more ideas and activities to inspire you and there are some wonderful resources for schools too.

It’s a good opportunity to get involved with a CAFOD campaign and speak out for justice in solidarity with the world’s poorest communities.

Let us know what you are planning for Fairtrade Fortnight and don’t forget to send us a photo at southwales@cafod.org.uk or if you would like one of us to come along to your parish to tell you more, please get in touch on 02920 344 882.


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