Bridgend pupils fundraising extravaganza raises over £1,700 for CAFOD

Year 8 pupils took part in a fun run for CAFOD

Year 8 pupils took part in a fun run for CAFOD

During the last week of the spring term, pupils at Archbishop McGrath Catholic High School, Bridgend, joined together to organise a host of  Lent events; not only did they have a lot of fun, they raised lots of funds for the Lent appeal. 

Lent Fast Day is one of CAFOD’s most important annual fundraising campaigns

Throughout the week, many events took place including a bush tucker trial, a sponsored run, bake sales, a movie screening and fishing game. The total for the week is well over £1,700, with the winning form class raising over £450.

At the sixth form bake sale.

At the sixth form bake sale.

Assistant Head of Religious Education, Ms Maher, said: “As a school, we are constantly humbled by the generosity of our staff and pupils, who are always so giving of their time, efforts and donations.


Pupils from across the school, of all ages, were involved in the fundraising activities. The week began with a Sixth Form coffee morning where pupils made tasty treats and class 7C held a movie screening with popcorn, which raised nearly £150.

Form classes also organised bake sales and raffles, and the staff, not wanting to feel left out organised their own fundraising breakfast morning.

Download our A-Z guide of fundraising ideas

Can you guess the name of the Easter bunny?

Can you guess the name of the Easter bunny?

Lots of pupils took part in ‘Hula for CAFOD’, where pupils paid 50p to see who could keep the hoop turning for the longest. The winner was Geraldina, with an impressive time of 9 minutes 16 seconds.


Class 8M organised a Fun Run where year eight pupils were sponsored to run 1 km. Luckily, the pupils had sunny weather and some pupils dressed up as superheroes to complete the challenge, which raised over £350.

Pupils also organised a game: Big fish, little fish, which was inspired by CAFOD’s partners in Zambia who are helping farmers to create fish farms where one fish is transformed into a whole business. The game, which was very popular with pupils, saw competitors fishing for a crafty fish. If they caught one, they won an Easter egg.

There is still time to join the Lent appeal 

Braving the 'sea gull egg surprise' at the Bush tucker trial

Braving the ‘sea gull egg surprise’ at the Bush tucker trial

The 2017 Teacher vs Students Bush Tucker Trial was the finale of the fundraising week. In the face-off between staff and pupils, they were challenged to drink mysterious concoctions and the first to finish would win. After many tense rounds, the challenge ended in a tie and over £160 was collected on the door, not including the pre-sold tickets.


Ms Maher said: “The coming together as a community to work for good in the world is one of the things that makes our school the special place it is, both to learn and to work.

“We strive constantly to put Christ at the centre of all we do in school, following his example of upholding the dignity of all human life. This is why as a school community we are passionate to support CAFOD who work for a better world for all people.”

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