Planting the seeds for Harvest Fast Day

Parishioners from Holy Name, Fishguard at the Harvest briefing

Blessed Oscar Romero regularly preached how:

“God wants a society where we share the good things that God has given for all of us.”

And at Harvest, we share God’s abundance with our neighbours.

“We plant the seeds that one day will grow.”

Oscar Romero who was Archbishop of San Salvador was brutally murdered because he tried to help the poorest in his country.   And his country, El Salvador, is the country of focus for this Harvest Fast Day appeal this Friday 6 October.

In recent years, farmers in El Salvador have bought foreign, hybrid seeds because they were told that they will get a much bigger harvest for all their hard work.  Slowly but surely these commercial seeds have become widely used, supplanting the stronger, native El Salvadoran seeds.  The first harvest may be good, but the seeds that they keep from the crop won’t grow a good second or third harvest.  Farmers have watched their crops rot on the stalk, row upon row, because the seed hasn’t spent generations adapting to the heavy rains in their region or the pests or crop disease.

CAFOD’s partners have given the farmers native seeds – like the ones their ancestors used – seeds that are well adapted to the climate.  These strong local seeds are restoring nature’s abundance to these farmers’ lives.

Here at CAFOD South Wales we have been visiting schools and parishes to spread the message of Harvest Fast Day. Thank you to the priests and parishioners who have welcomed us to their parishes and to the Headteachers and RE co-ordinators who have organised for a visitor from our schools team to deliver an assembly or workshop to raise awareness of our brothers and sisters living in some of the poorest communities in the world.

You may like to watch this short (three minutes) film about farmers in El Salvador.

There are many resources available to find out more: Here is the Children’s liturgy and a short talk which can be used at Mass this weekend, here is the Polish translation.

Parishioners may wish to say the Harvest Fast Day prayer together which can be downloaded here. 

If you know your parish hasn’t received it’s Harvest Fast day pack or envelopes, please get in touch with us as soon as possible on or call the volunteer centre on 02920 344 882.

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