Schools respond to Harvest Fast Day appeal

St Bernadette’s Primary School, Pentwyn

Autumn, the wonderful season of mellow fruitfulness, has seen our dedicated team of schools volunteers visiting schools across the Archdiocese.

We cannot thank them enough for their enthusiasm and commitment to supporting our vision for change and our agenda for action.

At Harvest time, we celebrate and give thanks for the food we have.

St Joseph’s Junior School, Port Talbot

We think of others who live in poverty and do not have enough food, wherever they live in the world, nearby or far away.

We remember the words of the Gospel:

“I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full”  John 10:10

Schools have been asked to #Brighten Up this Harvest to build a brighter world and help more families around the world, so that we can all share in the Harvest.

The Education materials focus on the theme of development being a long term issue.

St Joseph’s Primary School, Ross-on-Wye

CAFOD has been working with communities in El Salvador since 1974 and this Harvest we are returning to catch up with some of the children and young people whose stories we have heard before.

We first met Jacqueline when she was two. Back then life wasn’t easy for her and her family.

They barely had enough to get by. It was too expensive to buy the seeds they needed each year.

Over time, CAFOD’s partner trained Jacqueline’s dad, Fidel to  grow his own seeds – native seeds, that were used to the heavy rains in his area.  The community also learned new farming methods. It takes time for people to grow their way out of poverty.

That is why CAFOD have been supporting Jacqueline’s family for many years.

  • Ttraining:   through training, they have learned how to grow their own seeds as well as better ways to grow food.  They now grow more than 40 different crops. They have learned how to store their harvest safely for the “hungry season”
  • Safe spaces – Many families were affected by the civil war in El Salvador. CAFOD’s partner set up safe spaces away from gangs, so children can stay safe and learn skills to help them now and in the future. They can help build peace in their community.

    St Mary’s Primary School, Merthyr Tydfil

  • Education – By aiming to get a good education and study science at university, children are building a brighter future.
  • Small businesses – With support to set up small businesses, families can support themselves and buy the things they need, like food and uniforms for school.
  • Sharing skills – By sharing the skills they have learned with others, whole communities can grow their way out of poverty.
  • Support – With continued support  from our schools, more families around the world can build a brighter future for themselves, free from poverty.

Watch this short animation to find out more.

And this is how your fundraising can help communities in El Salvador:

Huge thanks to the pupils and staff in all the schools who are supporting our Harvest Fast Day appeal.  However you are fundraising, make it bright!


If you would like to join our small team of Education volunteers working across Cardiff and Menevia, why not get in touch with us today or call the Cardiff Volunteer Centre on  02920 344882.

Our next training course is coming up later this month, so there’s no better time to put your faith into action.

To book a volunteer visit for the Harvest Fast Day appeal, please contact your local volunteer centre in South Wales. 

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