We want to say a big THANK YOU to all our volunteers

Sarah O’Kane (left) with Sue Philippart

It’s volunteers week (1-7 June) and we want to say publicly how enormously grateful we are for all that YOU, our volunteers, do in our parishes and schools.  Without your prayers, support and commitment to CAFOD we could never achieve as much as we do.  You are invaluable! THANK YOU!

This week is an ideal opportunity to ask the question: “What is it that motivates you to volunteer for CAFOD?”

One of our wonderful volunteers is Sarah O’Kane who lives in Swansea.  Sarah is an invaluable part of our Education volunteer team covering the Menevia diocese.  She is also a parish volunteer at Our Lady, Star of the Sea in Mumbles. 

Sarah gave us her response:

 “I’m motivated by trying to act as Jesus would towards others.   I like fundraising for CAFOD because as an Agency it helps to make the world a fairer place.  I feel a sense of solidarity with those combatting enormous difficulties. 

 CAFOD helps people to help themselves e.g. setting up a struggling farmer with enough fish and tools to build a pond and start a fish farm.

I like the fact that CAFOD projects are sustainable because of the way they work with local partners who have the knowledge needed in setting up and maintaining a new venture. 

I like the way CAFOD works with people regardless of their beliefs.

I feel that fundraising for CAFOD raises both my own and other people’s awareness of problems and inequalities and helps me to give back a little in thanksgiving for the many blessings I have received.

I like the ongoing training provided by CAFOD and the constant support we receive as volunteers.”

We hope you will take a brief moment to listen to CAFOD’s Director of Operations, Geoff O’Donoghue, who has recorded a message of thanks for all our volunteers.

We love this prayer, which was written by a group of CAFOD volunteers…

We believe…


We believe in God who gave us a world to share in friendship, equality and peace.


We believe in God who created all people and our world out of love.


We recognise that the world is unequal and unjust and that we are individually and collectively responsible for being good stewards and for working with hope and love to restore God’s kingdom on earth.


We believe in Christ, living, suffering, dying and rising, the life force in the whole of creation.


We believe in one world, one people, fed from one table.


We believe that we are all vital parts of Christ’s body, reflecting his love, by and through our actions, compassion, attitudes and choices.


We believe we are God’s instruments through which by faith, prayer and action we will change the world.


We believe in a God of love, who calls all of us to listen to each other, to actively share and treat each other as equals in humility and hope.


We believe that within God’s circle of love, faith and trust we all share in a worldwide hunger for justice as brothers and sisters in Christ.






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