CAFOD international staff visit Cardiff

Marta’s water filter was provided by our partner, and uses materials such as sand and gravel to provide clean water.

As part of strengthening relationships with our overseas work to our work in our communities, we are delighted to have Moise and Kelechi visit Cardiff to speak to supporters and volunteers about their work in Niger and Nigeria. The meeting will be held at the Cornerstone on Friday 6 July at 14:00. 

As part of their visit they will also meet Archbishop George Stack to discuss aspects of their work and offer a chance to reflect about our work in the Archdiocese of Cardiff.

Moise – CAFOD Country Representative for Niger

Kelechi has been working for CAFOD for some years now. Until earlier this year he was the Programme Officer and the only CAFOD member of staff permanently in the country. He is now Country Representative and has a staff of three. CAFOD has been working with CRS in north west Nigeria  on Emergency Food Assistance and Nutrition Support to Conflict Affected Families in Borno State.

Moise has been the Country Representative for Niger for a year or so. His team in Niamey is very small. The work in Niger is focussed around Food and Livelihoods Support and Peace Building. That’s not very much about him. I will aim to sit down with him next week and write another email to you about his work while he talks to me.


Kelechi – CAFOD country rep for Nigeria

As we see building partnerships as central to our work. our visitors are really keen to hear the stories of what you are doing in parishes, schools and the wider community in England and Wales. Our international staff love to take these stories back and share with our partners, to put a face and story behind where the money and support comes from – which is a great way of enriching our overseas work. And our visitors are also very keen to share with you some of their stories of working with overseas communities on the front line. These informal meetings are a great way of hearing and listening to each other, to share, to enrich and to develop our ways of working to tackle global poverty.

Please do join us to be part of this important conversation.

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