Arms wide open in welcome at Our Lady’s in Hereford

The parish of Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs in Hereford held their Share the Journey walk after early Mass on Sunday 9 September.

At the end of Mass, CAFOD’s Share the journey presentation was shown to the congregation and the silence in church was palpable and powerful as myths were debunked and the reality of the journeys some of our brothers and sisters are forced to make were starkly laid bare.

Petition cards were distributed after Mass and then a group of parishioners, including many families with children, made the short walk across the car park to the adjacent primary school, Our Lady’s, to begin their walk around the playing fields.

A number of the families who joined the walk have themselves travelled from other countries seeking a better life in the UK.  They are full of praise for the welcome they have received at Our Lady’s parish and especially from Fr Matthew.

Herefordshire Council recently made a plea for families to welcome refugees and asylum seekers.

How can you make a difference?   You can organise an event or a walk in your parish. You can pray.  You can lobby the government through our online petition to the Prime Minister or organise a petition card signing event after Mass.  You can share our stories on social media.

You can donate to the Syrian Refugee appeal. Your donations will help our sister agencies in the Caritas network across Europe, the Middle East and Syria to support traumatised refugees.

“There is a great need, people are living in inhumane conditions.”  Evelina Manola, CAFOD partner

If you would like to know more or help with organising a Share the Journey walk in your parish, please get in touch with us.

We are delighted with the response to Share the Journey and we have walked the distance around the world, not once, not twice, not three times – we are on our fourth journey around the world – that’s over 100,000 miles.

We can’t thank you enough for your support.  And the campaign continues until September 2019, so please speak up.

“Hope is what drives the hearts of those who depart”  Pope Francis


The Holy Father emphasised the need to build relationships between migrants, refugees and local communities when he launched  Share the Journey.  He said:

 “It is also what drives the hearts of those who welcome: the desire to meet each other, get to know each other, to dialogue.”




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