Catholic Schools across the Archdiocese Brighten up for Harvest

Pupils at St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School, Swansea

Over the past few weeks, many schools from across the Archdiocese of Cardiff have been taking part in CAFOD’s Brighten Up for Harvest appeal.

Sadly, due to poverty and injustice, this harvest will not be bright for millions of children and young people around the world who will miss out on food, clean water and even on going to school.

But support from our Catholic schools is helping to change this and help to make the world a brighter place for communities living in extreme poverty as they find ways to overcome their many challenges.

The good news is that the number of hungry people in our world is falling.

But, with 793 million of our sisters and brothers still undernourished, we cannot give up.*

We can all be part of helping to eradicate global poverty and building a brighter world

Have you booked a visit from one of our experienced Schools team?

Assemblies and workshops are available for primary schools and workshops for secondary schools.

Get in touch today – it’s not too late to be involved! Or contact the Volunteer Centre.

Every little helps when it comes to fundraising and we are grateful for you support and prayers.

To give you some idea about how your fundraising efforts can help:


  • £1 buys seeds for a family to grow beans
  • £7 buys a treated mosquito net that keeps children safe from malaria
  • £33 supplies one family with safe, clean water in their home
  • £300 buys a mobile health team for remote communities that don’t have hospitals

St Mary’s RC Primary School, Pembroke Dock

Other fundraising ideas?

Let us know how you Brightened Up for Harvest by sending us our photos! We absolutely love your photos and ideas!  Thank you!

If you haven’t got something organised quite yet, then why not explore our unique resources for schools, chaplains, children’s liturgy, young people and youth leaders.

There are so many ways to help students and young people to learn about global justice and to put their faith into action by working with us to fundraise and to work for an end to poverty.

Holy Name RC Primary School, Fishguard

It’s not too late to make a difference!

And a huge thank you to everyone who is doing their bit to make the world a brighter place for our brothers and sisters around the world.


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