Hands on for Peace in Colombia

We are delighted to have Barbara Davies, our colleague in CAFOD who works as country representative for Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, will be giving a presentation on the peace process in Colombia at The Temple of Peace in Cardiff on Wednesday 24 October at 12 noon.

Barbara has been working on peace and development issues for over a decade across South America. Originally from Penarth, one of the first campaigns she worked on was to create a solidarity and awareness raising link between Wales and Colombia, highlighting the civil war that was taking place there and the amount of people displaced by the conflict.

At the time of this campaign, back in 2009, little was known about what was happening in Colombia. Even today, still little is known despite the progress the country has made towards working for peace.

Barbara has also worked with a range of communities across South America, helping them to find their own solutions to poverty, and working towards long term sustainability.

Barbara Davies on a trip in 2008

She will touch upon her direct work on the peace process in Colombia, looking at what has happened to the country over the past decade, and look at the hope for peace that is coming into fruition.

Monsignor Hector Fabio Henao, Director of Caritas Colombia (SNPS)

CAFOD has worked in Colombia for over 40 years. The Catholic Church in Colombia plays a key role as an advocate for peace and human rights, the resettlement of uprooted communities, the participation of victims in the peace talks, and the need to ensure victims have access to truth, justice and reparation.

Free event, please let us know if you are able to attend.  Thank you.

Find out more about our work in Colombia.

You can download a poster here to display: Hands_on_for_peace


1 thought on “Hands on for Peace in Colombia

  1. Hi Therese

    I am afraid I am not able to make it as I have child care duties that day

    Best wishes



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