Ymprydio, gweddio a rhoi / Fast, pray and give

 “Ni ddylai neb yfed dwr mor fudr a hyn” “No-one should drink water this dirty”

… was the message for our Harvest Fast Day appeal this year.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our parishes, supporters and wonderful volunteers who attended our Fast Day briefings, helped to get our message into parish newsletters, put up posters, held a simple Soup Lunch, fasted, gave the short talk at Mass, distributed and collected the Fast Day envelopes – prayed and supported us in any way this Harvest Fast Day.

Diolch! Bydd eich rhodd yn achub bywydau

Thank you!  Your gift will save lives.

This Family Fast Day there wasn’t a country focus for our appeal. We have lots of stories which we can use which we haven’t used in the past, so we used one of these to illustrate Fast Day this year.

When we have had a country focus for past fast days it is only ever an illustration of the type of work our partners have been doing.

Simple soup lunch at St Frances of Rome in Ross-on-Wye using the CAFOD lentil recipe

The money raised goes to CAFOD’s general funds which are spent where the need is greatest helping some of the world’s poorest people, in many different countries to be able to live life to the full.

Our volunteers play a crucial role in parishes at Fast Day – which is all about inspiring people about the breadth of our work – and hoping that they will give as generously as they can to the appeal if they understand the breadth of what CAFOD does – not just in one country.

At our briefings, chats, get-togethers, we shared some good news!

  • In 2012-2013 alone, 100 million people were lifted out of extreme poverty.
  • That’s about 250,000 people every day, or 200 people a minute!
  • Nearly 1.1 billion people have escaped extreme poverty since 1990.

However, even with this reach and dedication to reach as many people as we can, we cannot do everything which we would like to. We can’t help 1 in 3 projects which we could support and could reach through our networks because we don’t have the funds to do so.

That is why together we need to inspire people to support our appeal every Fast Day – so we can inspire supporters and increase the funds we receive so that we don’t have to say no to these projects.

And so some more good news…

Many of you will remember that your donations to CAFOD’s Lent appeal this year were matched by the UK Government. Together we raised an amazing £4,274,029.53.  Thank you!

This means that the teams in Zimbabwe and Zambia have been working hard to plan the work that will start this month.  We will tell you much more about that work over the coming years.

In 2016, you raised an incredible £4.3 million for our work, with an additional £3.5 million given from the UK Government for new projects in Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

These new match-funded projects have now been running for two years and we’ve seen great progress.

Some highlights include:

  • Installed or repaired 567 water points.
  • Built 44,200 toilets.
  • Trained 1,448 people to maintain and repair water points or toilets
  • Taught 1,294 people how to raise local water and sanitation issues with village chiefs and officials.

Thank you from Elizabeth in Uganda:

“The project has solved our water problems,” said 20-year-old Elizabeth after a new tap was installed in her village in northern Uganda.  “We easily fetch water at whatever time, with great ease. It’s just a turn of the tap!”

The tap, training sessions and a water trough for animals have made a huge difference to Elizabeth and her neighbours, who used to collect water from a swamp three miles away.

“Everything has gone right,” said Elizabeth. “Like God has come to visit us after a long period of suffering.”

A total of 217,639 people like Elizabeth now have a sustainable supply of clean water. Over the final year of the project, our expert teams will continue to reach thousands more women, men and children.

Helping some of the people to be able to have access to clean safe water, enough nutritious food, an education, safety and a livelihood with which to support themselves and their families.

Thank you!



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